5wh Coroporate Services – The Company

Five WH Corporate Services (Pvt) Limited (“5wh”) is a dynamic, relationship-oriented professional services company that provides the following tailor-made corporate risk and management services:

 Internal Audit
We assist you in the effective discharge of your responsibilities by monitoring and promoting effective control at reasonable cost.

 Business Systems/Internal Controls
We assist you in determining the scope and fitness of your internal control system such that it enables you to meet your business and regulatory requirements.

 Forensic Audit
If you suspect that your organisation is the target of fraud and/or other financial crime you will need fast professional support to help you take action and we help you to identify, trace and recover your property.

We add value to businesses and other organisations by providing cost-effective and practical solutions to a variety of needs. You need audit, systems advice and/or investigation services! Talk to us today for a free preliminary assessment and to start a relationship.