Wearable Technology

I ‘ve just been watching and reading about these new technologies.  Take this from the current issue of The Economist for instance: “Sportswear companies are competing to develop jerseys, shoes, and bras loaded with sensors and wireless circuitry. Firms’ ambitions range from the critical to the cuddly. Several companies are offering small gadgets that use GPS technology to track children who might wander off, for example. CuteCircuit, a British startup, has designed a smart shirt that reproduces the feeling of being hugged when someone sends the wearer a text message” Then there’s internet of things. Then ……

Well, my left brain says “cool”. It’s the other side of my brain which has got me writing this post. And it’s a lingering question: Does dear Capitalism’s “enlightened self-interest” have sufficient checks and balances to ensure  that the health effects of this radio wave bombardment on our poor bodies and environment are taken care of?

Please don’t call me names; it’s just a lingering question that I have.