You are a Leader. You Suspect Fraud. Read This.

The story below illustrates what fraud examiners have always emphasised: When you suspect fraud, the first step is to secure evidence. How do you do that? You don’t have to go it alone. You can’t possibly know everything. Call the experts.

Manunure High School petrol-bombed

 HARARE, Newsday (March 30, pg 4) Manunure High School in Kwekwe had its financial records destroyed by fire following a suspected petrol bomb attack at the bursar’s office on Monday night. School Development Commitment Chairman Dickson Zhou confirmed the incident saying receipt books, computers and desks in the bursar’s office were reduced to ashes in the attack which took place around 8 pm.

crime scene

5wh Audit is a relationship-oriented professional services company that provides the following solutions to business challenges:

Ø  Internal Audits
Ø  Forensic Audits
Ø  Compliance Audits
Ø  Due Diligence Investigations
Ø  Business Systems Design, Development and Reviews

We work with business owners and leaders who are set on blowing away those constraints blocking their way to success. We also assist our clients isolate hidden economic assets in their business and determine specific projects to optimize and leverage those assets for greater profit and growth.

We know that the only way to turn your potential for success into actual success is to blow away the constraints that block your path.

© Caleb Mutsumba

What do you think? What strategies do you, or your company, use to manage the risk of fraud and error in your organisation? Are you primarily proactive or reactive in your approach to risk management? Share your experience in the Comment box below.

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